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  • Beginner’s guide to Clash of Clans and more

    Building and upgrading

    To have the possibility to construct or update buildings, you need to have enough resources and coins. How you can have enough resources and gold? Well, you can never have enough resources and gold to do all you want to do if you play only with what you receive when you win battles. If you want to can buy some gem packs to get everything done faster, or simply use the Clash of Clans hack to generate those gems.

    The most important thing if you want to do anything in this game is Town Hall Building. It is the most essential building in your town. Without updating it and without its existence, you can do nothing.

    It has 11 levels of updating and more you update it, more you can do other thing in your town.

    It is critical for any objective you want to touch in your town or battles.

    You must place it in the middle with your town, with other buildings you have surround it. You must understand that if you lose it, you lose everything. So, doesn’t matter if it is a resource building, army buildings, decorative buildings or a defensive building, you must put them surround the Town Hall to protect it, because if you lose them, you can make new ones really faster than if you lose your Town Hall.

    To understand why it is so important, read the following text.

    The Town Hall

    Town Hall is the heart of your town and army, because you can’t update your building without it.

    Each building you want to build requires a specific level of Town Hall building. If you want your defense buildings stronger, if you want your resources buildings to create more resources (gold, wood and so on), if you want your army to grow faster and to have available new characters, you need to update your Town Hall first. The update can be slow because so many resources are hard to made, but if you have patience you will win. Another option would be to either buy gems or use a Clash of Clans hack, these both speed up the process significantly.


    As we said, you must put it in the middle. Our advice is to surround it with defensive buildings too. You can adopt this strategy: surround it with strong (updated) walls. After that, put some bombs near it. Also, you can place one or two Archer Towers near it together with Cannons.

    If enemy will destroy your Town Hall, he destroyed everything, no matter what remained (or not) from your town.

    If you Town Hall is destroyed, you will lose any update you could do till that moment. You will need to rebuild it and waiting to can update your buildings again, again, this process can be speed up by a lot using the Clash of Clans cheats in order to generate gems.

    So, protect your Town Hall more than everything.


    The entire game needs a strong strategy, because even if Town Hall is so important, any other building is also important. If you do not have enough defensive buildings, you will lose an important element of your defense. If you lose your resource buildings, you also lose something very important because you can’t update anymore your buildings for a while. If you lose your Army Building, you can’t make more troops anymore and you will be weak in the front of an enemy and so on.

    So, in conclusion, you must protect everything, but you need to pay more attention to your Town Hall.

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    Play Clash Royale – hottest game of the moment

    Are you a real gamer? Do you spend more than half a day in front of your laptop playing online games? Are you called a phone-addict by your friends and family because you don’t let in down? Then yes, you are a true gamer.

    I will present you the most popular game at the moment – Clash Royale along with the most popular Clash Royale Hack. It is a mobile strategy game developed by Supercell, a company that has its base in Helsinki, Finland. What is best about this strategy game is that there have been released versions both for IOS and Android platforms.

    In order to gain more experience and gold, gamers should collect cards, which will help them destroy their enemies’ towers and win the fights, consequently. You can choose among six Arenas – Barbarian Bowl, Goblin Stadium, Bone Pit, Spell Valley, Royal Arena and P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse – and start a battle whenever you feel prepared and armed with powerful cards. All you have to do to gain experience and to progress is to earn trophies, which are calculated in report with the amount of trophies of your opponent. If you win against a player who has more trophies than you, you receive a great amount, but if you lose against an enemy with fewer trophies than you, you will lose a huge amount.

    The key point while fighting in the Arenas is to gain experience because it will help you level up quicker. To be able to keep a continous fight you will need some help which can be provided to you by a Clash Royale Hack online tool that can be found here: https://www.hivegaming.net/ . It will generate gems for you in order to be able to fight 24/7. Why is it important? Because each and every level bring more damage to the opponents’ towers. . If you do not have enough experience points, you can earn them by upgrading your cards or by donating them to the members of your clan. Yet, if you are out of cards, be patient and do not lose your temper, because every eight hours you can make a request for them and be given ten common cards or only one rare card. For those who choose to donate cards to their clan members, I would like to make a statement – you can only give up two cards at a time.

    join the battle - clash royale

    When it comes to clans, everyone is able to join or create one, but only when they have reached Level 3. When you see that you have reached this level, tap the Clan tab from where you can choose whether you want to create or search a clan. Yet, you have to bear in mind the fact that once you leave a clan, you can no longer return and you can’t immediately join another one, because the system needs some time to recognize the changes. There’s the alternative where a player has been kicked out of a clan due to his badly behavior or his disobedience to the rules imposed by the leader – he or she are not able to rejoin the clan or to join another one without receiving a special invitation from the leader. In order for a player to get this kind of invitation, he or she has to send an invite request, which is available only one at a time. But, who needs a clan when you can get unlimited Clash Royale Juwelens for free from: https://de.hivegaming.net/ ? I can tell you, nobody, you can wreck them all by yourself!

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  • One smart move can turn the game: Clash Royale Review

    Developer:  Supercell

    Company:   Supercell

    Platform(s) – iOS, Android

    Release date(s): March 2, 2016

    Genre(s): Strategy

    Trend of playing card games online is catching up fast these days. There are multiple options available and most of the games can be downloaded for free. The latest to enter is ‘Clash Royale’, from the makers of Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer strategy card collecting game which stars your favorite Clash characters, the Royales. This game by Supercell received positive reaction from the time it was launched. It was called as an “absolutely phenomenal” game by Eli Hodapp from TouchArcade. The game can be easily downloaded for free from app store for apple phones and is also available for androids, we’ll be discussing the available Clash Royale cheats later in the article.

    Enter the arena

    This premium mobile strategy online game globally launched by Supercell this year march is a combination of collectable card games, multiplayer online battle arena and tower defense. As soon as the game was released it became the top most downloaded game in US iOS app store. The main purpose of the game is to eliminate the three defensive towers which are assigned to each player at the beginning of the battle. During the game one can earn coins (in game currency) or buy more cards to level up their troops and attacking skills. Most of the wins earn silver chests which take less time to unlock as compared to the gold chests.

    Rules of the game

    One has to be quick in this game. But why be quick when your army can be invincible? Grab Clash Royale hack to make your army with the highest levels achievable. Although users have unlimited supply of troops but one can only bring 8 cards to the battle. The player has to look for an opponent with similar trophy as his level. Switching the cards out can be done easily by tapping on the card you want to remove. The deck of cards is build before the battle and the strongest cards are chosen for battle. As the player ranks he slowly gets access to more and more cards. There is an option for players to form clans and at xp level 3 one can create his own clan with 1000 gold or can even join another.

    Why Clash Royale?

    This game is simply awesome for the fact that it is easy to play while invoking your strategy building skills. The first couple of minutes of the game are normal and then you slowly gain elixir and use it to play your cards. Battling and defeating other players make you earn rewards in terms of cards and gold. The best element of the game is the way card collection works. The first time you open a card in the chest it gets added to your collection and once you own it then duplicate copies of the card can be used to upgrade the status. It can be played for free and if you want more credits then it can be bought with a little amount. It is a smart game which hooks you for not only weeks but months altogether. The game is worth a play for those who want to experience nail biting moments with rewarding fun while outsmarting their opponents by using smart gaming strategies.

    What about the hacks?

    There is a wide variety of Clash Royale hacks available at the moment around the world but only a few select ones actually work, find a reliable Clash Royale hack can prove to be a tiring job, but once you do, you have the guarantee that you won’t be spending any more money on the game but still enjoy it. So, before you decide to use any of the hack tools you’ll find, you have to make sure they were developed by a team with a good reputation so they actually work because this is the only way you’ll ever get free gems for Clash Royale and I am pretty sure you really need them.

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    Clash Royale, a new trend-setter in mobile gaming?

    Do you want a game that suits best to every personality? A game that gives addiction? Are you ready to become a real gamer? To move onto the next level? If so, here’s the key – Clash Royale, the most popular game among teenagers. It is a mobile strategy game developed by Supercell, the same company that has designed Clash of Clans. Although they have numerous traits in common, they are not the same game – they have been created and designed as two different games by two different teams.

    Clash Royale Quick Review

    What is Clash Royale about? Well, players have to collect cards of different stats (common, rare, asvery rare) because they have the power to destroy their enemies’ towers in a matter of seconds. Gamers can use the Training Camp in order to get used to the features of the game, but they will not lose or win anything. As its name says, it is the place where players can try numerous ways of attack or defeat without fearing that they will lose trophies, gold or experience.
    Likewise, they can fight with friends in Friendly Tournaments or with random strangers in the Arenas. Players can use the matchmaking system for equality, because it will find a suitable opponent for them – a payer with a similar amount of trophy as theirs. Sometimes, there will be an enemy whose amount of trophies is bigger than yours, but do not be feared – the more trophies a player who loses has, the more trophies you win. What is more, there is no longer any battle cost, giving you the chance to save the gold you would have spent on battles. Yet, in order to compensate for the free fights, you will be given slightly less gold, which can also be a problem in the late game, as every new card level will ask for more and more gold, that is why most of the people that have been playing the game for a while are now looking for a working Clash Royale Hack in order to fill they accounts with unlimited gold and gems, things that need a lot of grinding and are required in order to advance further. To find out more go to: https://fr.hivegaming.net/ .
    The greatest advantage of Clash Royale is that you can freely play it until you decide to buy in-game currency for real money. Every area is equally accessible as you level up and provides you with a first-class experience, whether or not you choose to invest in the game. The purchases are made through in-game shop, which is processed exclusively by the iTunes Store and Google Play so as to offer the customer the maximum security and protection of their both personal and financial information.
    Each and every victory leads to more and more card, trophies and, least but not last, to glory. Clash Royale provides players with a wide range of possibilities – they can participate in private duels, form clans, challenge other players who are online and unlock new arenas by winning numerous fights. Likewise, you can opt for a friendly duel with your clan members, but you won’t win anything; in fact, you will get the humiliation of your clan, because you both are members of the same clan so it doesn’t matter which of you lose.

    Clash Royale Hack

    In the current state of game, in order to be on top, you’ll have to spend real money, a lot of it, that’s why more and more people are looking for alternatives, so they neither have to spend real money or delete the game, cause there are points where you get stuck and simply feel like quitting. Most of the people who are looking for such alternatives are french, they search for things like Clash Royale triche frequently and are always on the lookout for when the next glitch, cheat or trick is out, as all they want is to get their hands on some of those gems or chests, or even some gold. But I can assure you all, such things are very hard to find, there are really only a couple of Clash Royale generators out there that actually work, and one of them is french, hosted by gamenerdblog, this Clash Royale astuce can fulfill the wishes of every french guy who was in search for alternatives ways of progressing further without spending money, it is easy to use and user friendly so I highly recommend it!

    Clash Royale Gold and Gems

    Have I made you curious? Good. If you want more information, you can anytime start playing Clash Royale without a slight of regret. Being the most popular game at the time, it is supposed to provide gamers with entertainment and education.

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  • FIFA 16 – Extensive Review

    FIFA 16 finally enters the arena, with the mission to forget a 2015 vintage which was disappointed some players and critics. However, Electronic Arts did not disclose the secret weapon or major feature, designed to shake up a recipe out of steam.

    For the edition 2016, the most obvious changes are: a slower pace, adding a new type of supported passes and the presence of female teams.

    Electronic Arts can not find the key to advance FIFA as was the case in previous years. Rest assured, however, FIFA 16 is still a very good football game, but it is once again too close to his predecessor to sweep the competition found for its bright colors. Moreover, trying to correct certain defects inherited, the game creates new ones, the too big defenders of image or caretakers superhuman reflexes. The strikes, movements of the players on the ball, responsiveness orders are still the quality of this FIFA 16, but in terms of realism, pure football sensations, it has this year a competitor who made at least play with him.

    A more compact defense

    The gameplay is not much harder than the 2015 version. Of the contrary it seems to have been facilitated. The defense is more compact but not much more aggressive.

    Women’s teams: the biggest new gameplay

    The main novelty of the game is undoubtedly the presence of female teams. As might be expected, the fact of playing with footballers changes the situation on the ground. The physical is not the same as men and you will have to be a tactician to hope to plant the ball into the cages.

    More realistic ball?

    The developers have focused on body movements prior to imagine sophisticated tricks. Now, footwork integrates this dynamic, which offers new possibilities to the player to eliminate the opponent in one against one or to create spaces.

    We are almost tempted to say that FIFA 16 comes a year too late. When the game from Electronic Arts is catching up and corrects his mistakes, competition PES continues to advance. FIFA 16 is a good transitional episode. The ball is now in the court of Electronic Arts that will have to furbish its weapons not to fall behind. FIFA is in progress, the franchise has now turned a corner.

    Before you start playing this game, make sure that your computer is able to rut at maximum graphics quality:

    Minimum Requirements

    Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1 -64-bit

    Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.1GHz

    RAM: 4GB

    Supported Video Cards: ATI Radeon HD 5770, NVIDIA GTX 650

    Recommended Requirements

    Operating System: Windows 8/8.1/10 -64-bit

    Processor: Intel i5-2550K @ 3.4Ghz

    RAM: 8GB

    Supported Video Cards: ATI Radeon HD 6870, NVIDIA GTX 460


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